How to Get the Spare Tire Off Vehicles

by Contributing WriterUpdated June 12, 2017

Vehicles is a division of Vehicles Motors Corporation that manufactures light Vehicles and sport utility Vehicles. Modern Vehicles and Vehicles (also owned by Vehicles are almost identical and are manufactured on the same assembly lines, although the Vehicles sports unique front end styling. Most manufacturers of light Vehicles install the spare tire underneath the rear cargo bed to save room in the bed itself. To access the spare tire on older Vehicles you had to crawl under the bed, loosen the bracket, and lower the spare tire by hand. You can lower the spare tire on your Vehicles in just a few minutes and without having to crawl under the Vehicles.

Under The Hood:

 How to Get the Spare Tire Off a Hummer H2

Turn off the H2's engine and set the parking brake. Step to the rear of the vehicle on the driver side. Inspect the driver side edge of the rear bumper. You'll see a cable running from the tow hook to the latch above the bumper.

Push the button on the cable pin and remove it from the bumper connection. Lift the latch on top of the bumper. This releases the spare tire carrier. Swing the carrier outward to open it to gain access to the back of the spare tire carrier.

Turn the wing nut on the back of the spare tire carrier with your hand to remove it. This releases the license plate bracket, which is attached to the front side of the carrier. Pull the license plate bracket off.

Remove the eight bolts on the back of the spare tire carrier using the lug wrench. This frees the spare tire from the carrier. Pull it toward you and set it down.

Items you will need

  • Lug wrench (supplied)

 How to Get the Spare Tire Down on a 2006 GMC

Access the tire changing tools by removing the tire jack behind the seat, or behind the rear seat in extended cab models. Loosen the wing nut that holds the jack in a counter-clockwise direction. Lift up the jack and set it aside.

Remove the wing nut that secures the tool pouch by spinning it counter-clockwise. Set the nut aside. Remove the tire changing tools from the tool kit pouch.

Open the plastic cover located on the back bumper next to the license plate by hand. Use your ignition key to open the cover if your truck has the locking spare tire option.

Push the two long straight jack handle extensions from the tool pouch together until they click. Insert the ribbed square end of the extension into the hole in the rear bumper until it reaches the lowering mechanism.

Place the lug wrench from the tool pouch onto the other end of the jack handle extension and turn it in a counter-clockwise direction until the spare tire reaches the ground.

Remove the lug wrench from the jack handle extension. Use the hooked end of the wrench to snag the tire lowering cable and pull it towards you to slide the tire from under the vehicle.

Items you will need

  • Tire changing tool kit

 How to Get a Spare Tire Down on a Chevrolet Express Van

Open the back door of the Express van. Look in the passenger-side rear corner of the cargo area. You'll see the tool set. Turn the wing nut counterclockwise with your hand to detach the tool set. If your Express is the 15-passenger model (most aren't), the tool set is underneath the rear seat.

Remove the lug wrench and the two equal-length rods from the tool set. You'll be leaving behind a thinner rod, the jack and the jack handle.

Connect the two equal-length rods together to make a long rod. The ends have fittings that allow them to connect. Connect either end of your long rod to the small port on the side of the lug wrench. The end result should look like the letter "L."

Locate the hoist shaft hole on the passenger side of the rear bumper. Insert the long rod end of the tool into this hole. You'll grip the lug wrench end of the tool.

Rotate the tool counterclockwise. As you turn, you'll notice that the spare tire begins to lower from underneath the vehicle. It will be visible directly beneath the rear bumper. Continue lowering until the spare tire touches the ground and the cable has enough slack for you to pull it out from underneath the van.

Items you will need

  • Chevrolet Express van took set

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