How to Remove a Spare Tire From a Chevy Truck

by Jody L. Campbell

Whether you have a flat tire on your Chevy truck that needs to be replaced or you want to install an aftermarket tow hitch, you're going to have to remove the spare tire. Mounted under the bed, the spare tire on the Chevy pickup requires connecting extension components in order to access the ratcheting mechanism and then activate it. Knowing how to remove and install a spare tire on any vehicle is always a good idea before you need to in the event of an emergency. Replacing a tire is never fun, but if you have to learn how to remove the spare tire in the process, it's just going to take longer and make the task more frustrating.

Step 1

Locate the spare tire and lug wrench tool kit (equipped with the Chevy truck) behind the passenger seat. On a bench seat, tilt the seat forward and move it all the way toward the front of the truck for access to the tool kit. On extra-cab Chevy trucks, you'll need to lift the rear seat upward into the raised position to access the tool kit.

Step 2

Loosen the retaining bolt by turning the dial handle counterclockwise. Loosening it will allow you to slide the tool kit out from under the retaining bolt, and if necessary, remove the bolt.

Step 3

Separate the pieces of the tool kit at the back of the Chevy pickup. Locate the spare tire access hole on the right side of the rear license plate. In some newer model Chevy trucks, you might need to use the ignition key to remove a locking device designed as a spare tire theft deterrent. If so, insert the key into the lock and turn the key to remove the lock. Use a flashlight to look into the access hole to learn which adapter the spare tire cable requires in order to assemble the spare tire tools correctly. You will note a square drive application, a small hook application or a security lock application. If the security lock is required, place the lock onto the end of the small hook of the assembled spare tire tool before inserting it into the access hole.

Step 4

Assemble two of the spare tire tool extensions together, making sure the press-locks insert into the holes to interlock. The end of the tool must mate to the cable crank of the spare tire; this is revealed when using the flashlight.

Step 5

Insert the two extensions into the access hole and turn them while pressing inward until they lock into the cable crank of the spare tire.

Step 6

Retrieve the lug nut wrench. You will note a square drive in the center of the wrench. Place the square drive onto the extension tools in order to use it as an unwinding and winding device. Once locked into place, turn the lug wrench counterclockwise, lowering the spare tire from its mounted position. Continue to lower the tire to the ground until you can lift it and remove the cable flange from the hub of the spare.

Step 7

To raise the spare tire, reverse the procedure and turn the spare tire tool in a clockwise motion to raise the cable.

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