How to Hook Up Aftermarket Radio in a Nissan Xterra

by Mark Slingo

The range of features that are available on aftermarket stereos has increased over the years. Stereos now include features such as DVD players, MP3 players, navigation aids and Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity. Cars generally come with factory-issue stereos, which include only basic features such as a CD player and AM/FM receiver. Nissan Xterra owners can install an aftermarket stereo by adapting the wiring so that it works with the new radio.

Disconnect the negative terminal from the car battery using an adjustable wrench, to avoid the possibility of a short circuit or the risk of electric shock.

Remove the ashtray below the radio. Remove the two Phillips screws underneath the ashtray. Pull off the radio trim panel by gripping the ashtray portal and pulling the trim panel until it unsnaps from its connection to the dashboard. Remove the four Phillips screws attaching the radio and pocket to the dashboard. Pull the radio/ pocket assembly out of the dashboard. Unclip the wire harness snapped into the rear of the radio and pull out the radio antenna cable.

Remove the screws securing the radio to the pocket and brackets using a Torx 20 screwdriver. Remove the factory-issue radio and place it to one side. Secure the new radio in its place, attaching it to the bracket with the Torx screws.

Connect the wiring. Attach one end of the wire harness adapter to the wire harness of the aftermarket radio. Push the connections together until they click into place. Repeat this process with the other end of the wire harness adapter to attach it to the wire harness of the Nissan Xterra. Plug the radio antenna cable into the radio antenna port on the rear of the aftermarket radio.

Slide the connect radio and pocket unit back into the dashboard. Secure it using the four Phillips screws removed in Step 2. Snap the plastic trim panel back onto the dashboard and screw in the two Phillips screws underneath the ashtray. Replace the ashtray in its housing.

Attach the negative terminal to the car battery using an adjustable wrench. Turn on the new radio to test the installation.

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