How to Install a Stereo in Ford Cars

by Contributing WriterUpdated June 12, 2017

The Ford car adequately serves as The Ford car Motor Company's small or crossover SUV. While smaller in size and capacity, the Ford car comes with many of the same options as the larger models within the company. The stereo system, Ford car one, is capable of meeting the demands of many car stereo enthusiasts. In the case that an Ford car owner feels the need to upgrade his radio or replace a faulty unit, he can easily perform the switch themselves.

Under The Hood:

 How to Install a Stereo in a Ford Explorer

Open the hood and remove the negative battery cable. Ensure it is resting away from any metal parts.

Cut two 8-inch pieces of coat hanger and bend them into a U-shape. Adjust the hangers until they fit easily into the two front mounting holes on each side of the stereo. Press the hangers into the holes. Squeeze each of the "U" pieces together and pull. The radio will pull out of the dash. Later model Explorers have to remove the trim ring to expose the mounting pinholes.

Pull the stereo head unit out of the dash and remove the wires. Other Ford systems will swap out and plug directly into the original wiring.

Connect the new head unit wiring harness adapter to the original wiring for an aftermarket installation. Snap the wire harness into the back of the new head unit and reattach the battery negative cable.

Turn the new Explorer radio on and verify each of the speakers is working and radio control is possible. Slide the new head unit into the dash until you hear the mounting pins click into place.

Items you will need

  • Coat hanger

  • Wire cutter

  • Wiring harness adaptor

 How to Install a Stereo in a Ford Escape

Unscrew the bolt for the negative battery clamp with the screwdriver. Remove the cable and clamp from the negative lead post on the vehicle's battery.

Place the removal tools into the slots found on the sides of the Ford stereo's face. Pull the unit from the stereo mounting dock.

Remove the wiring to the rear of the stereo by hand. The wiring for the speakers will be grouped by plastic binders. Pull the antenna cable from the radio.

Insert the installation kit bracket into the dash. Run the wiring through to the front of the opening and connect it to a wiring harness adapter. Attach the wiring harness adapter leads to the new stereo. Plug the antenna wire into the aftermarket stereo.

Put the new stereo into the faceplate adapter kit until it snaps into place.

Replace the battery cable clamp onto the negative lead post and tighten it with the screwdriver.

Items you will need

  • Stereo removal tools

  • Phillips-head screwdriver

  • Universal faceplate adapter

  • Wiring harness adapter

 How to Install a Stereo in a Ford Focus

Unhook the neutral wire on the battery before starting. Set out a small baby food jar or plastic cup to help secure screws and bolts while working under the dash.

Pull the emergency brake up and set an automatic transmission in "Drive" without turning the car on. Open the middle compartment in the center console and pry the plastic up with a flathead screwdriver.

Remove the console and the screw on either side of the power terminals to loosen the radio housing. Use the flathead screwdriver to remove the dash piece located over the passenger airbag.

Locate and remove the two screws directly above the instrument panel. Place the steering wheel in the lowest possible setting so you can pull out the unfastened plastic piece.

Pry the air vents located over the radio assembly out of the Ford Focus dash. Remove the two screws holding the console and radio, and pull the entire center portion of the dash out by pulling down from the top.

Disconnect the wiring harness from the back of the unit and change out the original harness adapter for the new one. Connect the harness to the back of the stereo and slide the unit into the center console trim.

Connect the neutral cable on the battery and test the stereo to ensure all of the speakers are working. Screw the console back in place and reattach all of the trim and molding.

Items you will need

  • Flathead screwdriver

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Wiring harness adaptor

 How to Install a Stereo in a Ford Ranger

Remove the negative battery cable from the battery lead post. Unscrew the bolt on the cable's clamp with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Place the clamp away from the negative lead post until the replacement is complete.

Insert the removal tools into the radio. There are sets of holes on either side of the radio's face to receive the tools.

Pull the tools outward and then pull the radio away from the dashboard.

Disconnect the white plastic wire binders from the rear of the radio. Pull the antenna cable from the unit.

Insert the Ford installation kit dock to receive the aftermarket radio. Feed the Ranger's wiring through the back of the kit. Connect the plastic wire binders to the wiring harness adapter. Connect the wiring harness adapter to the new radio. Plug the Ford's antenna wire into the new stereo.

Slide the new stereo into the installation kit dock. The tabs on either side of the newly installed bracket (the installation kit) will snap into place when the new radio is fully seated.

Place the negative battery cable clamp around the negative lead post. Tighten the clamp's bolt with the screwdriver.

Items you will need

  • Ford radio removal keys

  • Phillips-head screwdriver

  • Ford radio installation kit with wiring harness adapter

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