Ford Escort Radio Removal

by Jule Pamplin
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Ford Escort owners may find the need to remove their car radio for repairs, to add audio components, or to replace their system altogether. For each task it is required that you first remove the factory stereo deck. You can solicit the assistance from an audio professional, or you can easily remove the Escort radio yourself and save the cost of labor.


Before removing the Escort's radio (or performing any work on an electrical part) you need to first disconnect the negative battery cable (or grounding cable). The grounding cable is black and connects the Ford Escort's battery to the chassis or frame of the vehicle. You run the risk of shorting the Escort's electrical system should you choose to skip this step.

Loosen the grounding cable clamp with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Remove the clamp from the negative lead post and rest it away from the battery.

Connect the grounding wire when your work is finished by placing the clamp around the negative lead. Tighten the clamp with a Phillips-head screwdriver until the clamp cannot be moved around the lead post by hand.


Ford makes stereo removal a relatively simple task. Use Ford DIN removal tools to remove Ford (and Mazda) stereo units from the dashboard of the vehicle. Place the DIN removal tools into the vertically stacked holes on either side of the stereo face. Pull outward on the tools to engage the removing grip. Pull the radio straight from the dash until the wire connections in the rear of the stereo are reachable by hand.

Pull the wire groups from the radio by hand. Grab the white plastic wire binders and pull them from the radio. Do not grab the wires themselves. Once you have disconnected the groups for the antenna, the speakers, the amplifier, and the power supply; pull the radio completely from the dash. If there are other components connected (iPod adapter, equalizer, or satellite radio receiver), remove them as well to free the radio from the Escort.

Aftermarket Stereo

If the Escort has been fitted with an aftermarket radio, you will need to remove the stereo as prescribed by the stereo's owner's manual. Most aftermarket stereos will be installed using a faceplate adapter. Remove the outer trim of the faceplate adapter and pull the stereo from the dash. There will likely be a wiring harness attached to provide a universal platform for connecting an aftermarket stereo. Remove the adapter leads from the stereo. Leave the connections to the adapter from the Escort intact.

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