How to Remove a Ford Ranger Stereo

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Whether you need to remove your Ford Ranger's factory stereo to install a new system or replace a faulty unit, the task can be troublesome if you aren't sure exactly how to go about it. Ford makes the task easy, however, as the Ranger's stereo can be removed without tearing apart the dash.

Step 1

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Cut a metal hanger so that you have two pieces of metal. Bend the pieces into "U" shapes. Ford stereo removal keys can be used, but they can be difficult to find.

Step 2

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Locate four holes, two on each side of the factory stereo. Place the ends of the metal pieces into the four holes using one piece for each side.

Step 3

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Press the rounded side of the pieces outward (away) from the stereo. This will force the two clips on each side to be turned inward.

Step 4

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Carefully pull the stereo forward and out of the dash. You may need to try more than once to ensure that the stereo comes free from the dash.

Step 5

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Disconnect the antenna by pulling the end from the back of the stereo. Disconnect the stereo from the truck by disconnecting the two wiring harnesses from the back of the stereo.

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