How to Install Subwoofers in a Ford Escape

by Jule Pamplin
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The Ford Escape has many available options for its stereo system. From CD and MP3 players to satellite radio receivers and DVD navigation, Escape owners have plenty of choices. To get the most balance and power from your system, you can add a powered sub-woofer. Sub-woofers (or "subs") provide a means to gain the lowest tones and bass from music. You can trust the installation of your aftermarket sub to an audio professional, or you can install it yourself and save the cost of labor.

Step 1

Disconnect the negative battery cable from the Ford's battery. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to loosen the cable's clamp. Remove the clamp from the negative lead post and rest it away from the battery.

Step 2

Attach the amplifier ring terminal with attached power supply cable (included in the amp wiring kit) to the positive battery lead.

Step 3

Drill an opening in the firewall of the engine compartment to the inside of the vehicle's cabin if there isn't an opening already established. Place a rubber grommet in the new opening. Route the power supply cable through the opening to the inner cabin of the Escape.

Step 4

Remove the trim panels at the bottom of the door openings with a trim panel removal tool. Lift the carpeting and route the power cable to the rear cargo area of the Ford. Replace the trim panels by hand.

Step 5

Remove the Ford stereo. Place the DIN removal tools into the stereo removal holes located on either side of the stereo's face. Pull the tools outward while pulling the stereo from the dash. Pull the stereo far enough to reach the wiring connections in the rear of the unit. Pull the wiring by the white plastic wire binders to disconnect all of the groups.

Step 6

Connect the wiring groups from the Ford to a wiring harness adapter. Connect the wiring harness adapter to the stereo. The wiring harness leads will be marked to identify which connections go into which of the stereo outlets.

Step 7

Connect the signal cable and turn-on lead (both provided in the amplifier wiring kit) to the wiring harness adapter. Route the cables from inside the stereo dock, beneath the carpeting, to the rear cargo area of the Escape. You will need to remove the trim panels for the carpeting on the opposite side of the Ford.

Step 8

Replace the trim panel in the doorways with the cables secured beneath the carpeting. Replace the stereo into the dash of the Escape by pushing it into the stereo mounting dock until it locks into place.

Step 9

Connect the signal cable and turn-on lead to the powered sub-woofer in the rear cargo area.

Step 10

Connect the power supply cable to the sub.

Step 11

Connect the grounding wire (provided in the amplifier wiring kit) to the sub. Connect the other end of the grounding wire to a bolt in the cargo area. Any bolt directly connected to the frame of the vehicle will do. You may have to pull an area of carpeting back to reveal a suitable bolt for grounding.

Step 12

Replace the negative battery cable clamp to the negative lead post. Tighten the clamp around the post using a Phillips head screwdriver.

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