Honda CA95 Specifications

by Whitney Jennings

The Honda CA95 is also called the Benly Touring and sometimes the Baby Dream. There were two different models of the CA95: the early model and the late model. This motorcycle has not been manufactured since 1966, but now is considered a classic model and can be hard to find.

Year Manufactured

The early model Honda CA95 Benly Touring 150, sometimes called the Baby Dream, was manufactured in 1959 through 1963. The late model of the Honda CA95 was manufactured and sold from 1963 through 1966.


Both the early and the late models of the Honda CA95 motorcycle come in four colors. The motorcycle models come in the colors black, scarlet red, blue and white.


The early model of the Honda CA95 has a square headlight. The bike has a fuel tank with small rubber knee pads and large chrome panel. The early model also has a short rear fender brace, which the later model does not have. The early model has an enclosed drive chain. The taillight is small and the bike comes with blackwall tired and flat mufflers. The late model has a fuel tank with larger rubber pads and a smaller chrome panel than the early model. The rear fender has a longer brace with an additional rectangular plate. The headlight on the late model is larger and the mufflers are round, instead of flat. The late model comes with whitewall tires.


The engine of both the early and late model motorcycles is an OHC parallel twin displacing 154cc with a single carburetor. The engines are linked to a four-speed transmission.

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