Yamaha Vino Vs. Honda Metropolitan

by Dennis Hartman
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The Yamaha Vino and Honda Metropolitan are gas-powered scooters from Japanese automakers. Each is built in a classic, European style and is marketed to young, urban drivers. Both models are sold in multiple worldwide markets including the United States, where they are classified as motorcycles. Despite having much in common, there are some differences between the Vino and Metropolitan that bear consideration.

Yamaha Vino Information

The Yamaha Vino uses a liquid-cooled four-stroke engine with a displacement of 49 cubic centimeters. The Vino has a kick starter and an automatic transmission. The body of the Vino features retro styling, designed to resemble a classic scooter. A locking storage compartment and rear luggage rack provide space for carrying items. The Vino's 1.2 gallon gas tank gives it a range of around 130 miles, with an approximate 110 miles per gallon fuel rating.

Honda Metropolitan Information

Honda's Metropolitan gas scooter is powered by a single cylinder, four-stroke 49 cc engine. The engine is liquid-cooled and uses a carburetor. The Metropolitan features convenience accessories like a lockable, weather-resistant storage compartment under the seat. It also uses Honda's Combined Braking System, which transfers stopping power to both wheels for enhanced safety. The Metropolitan has a 1.32 gallon gas tank and a top speed of 40 miles per hour.


The Yamaha Vino and Honda Metropolitan have much in common. Both use a traditional walk-through frame and retro European styling with a single round headlight, round chromed mirrors and large body panels. Both scooters also use a similar, 49cc engine that balances power and fuel efficiency. They share other technical specifications, including drum brakes and a belt drive system. When fully fueled, the Vino and Metropolitan both weigh in at around 175 lbs.

Key Differences

One of the differences between the Yamaha Vino and the Honda Metropolitan is fuel efficiency. While Yamaha makes a point of calling out the Vino's estimated 100 miles per gallon rating, Honda does not advertise the Metropolitan's fuel economy. Metropolitan drivers have reported upwards of 150 miles per gallon in practical use. Other than this, the differences are largely cosmetic, with the Metropolitan making use of more body panels and an integrated headlight, while the Vino has a protruding headlight and fewer color-keyed body elements.

Comparison for Buyers

Choosing between a Yamaha Vino and a Honda Metropolitan is likely to be a difficult decision. The two vehicles are extremely similar in most ways. Besides having somewhat better fuel economy, the Metropolitan is also priced slightly below the Vino, at just over $2,000 (while the Vino starts around $2,200). All prices are as of 2009. Used models are similarly comparable. Ultimately the decision between these two scooters may depend on brand loyalty, or specific dealer incentives or special offers on pricing.

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