99 Harley Road King Classic Specs

by Shea Laverty
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Classically styled heavy-weight cruiser bikes are Harley-Davidson's claim to fame, and the 1999 Road King Classic is a prime example. With a beefy 1.5L V-Twin engine, classic 1930s styling and the distinct Harley exhaust note, the Road King exemplifies Harley-Davidson's image of highway cruisers and open road freedom.


The 1999 Harley-Davidson Road King Classic is equipped with an air-cooled 1,450 cc four-stroke 45 degree V-Twin engine with variable overhead valves. This engine is transversely mounted and features dry sump lubrication, fuel injection and a cable operated throttle. There are two valves in each cylinder for a total of four valves. This engine has an electric starter and a digital capacitor discharge ignition system. The bore in this engine measures 95.25 mm, and the engine has a 101.6 mm stroke. This engine has a compression ratio of 8.9:1. The Road King Classic's engine is capable of producing 66.44 horsepower at 5,400 rpm and generates 81.13 ft-lbs of torque.

Transmission & Drive

The 1999 Harley-Davidson Road King Classic is equipped with a five-speed manual transmission, with a wet, hydraulically-operated multi-plate clutch. Drive power is delivered to the rear wheel using a belt drive system.

Suspension & Brakes

The Road King Classic features a cartridge fork suspension on the front wheel. The rear wheel has a swing-arm suspension system with twin shocks. The front wheel is equipped with dual disc brakes while the rear wheel has only a single disc.

Wheels & Tires

The Harley-Davidson Road King Classic is fitted with 3-inch by 16-inch rims on both the front and rear wheels. Both the front and rear tires are size MT90B16. When equipped with Dunlop tires, the front wheel uses a D402F while the rear uses a D402.

Dimensions & Capacities

The 1999 Harley-Davidson Road King Classic has a wheelbase of 63.5 inches and a seat height of 29.5 inches. It has a dry weight of 712 pounds and a maximum fuel capacity of 4.99 gallons. The Road King Classic is designed to safely hold a maximum of two riders.


The 1999 Harley-Davidson Road King Class has a top speed of 96 mph and can accelerate from 0 mph to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds.

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