Homemade Jeep Tops

by Chris Orr
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Fabricating a homemade Jeep top takes a little imagination and some basic sewing skills. Bikini tops are designed to attach between the roll bar and the front edge of the windshield.

Selecting a Fabric.

The fabric selected should reflect the fact that Jeeps can be noisy and windy. A heavy canvas or nylon fabric stands up to the buffeting of the wind. Waterproof the fabric to prevent water from dripping through to the cabin if caught in a rain storm. Measure the width of the fabric from each roll bar post and from the front edge of the windshield channel to the roll bar. A sewing machine with #90 or #100 needles is required.

Roll Bar Tie Downs

Sew heavy canvas straps and buckles to the rear corners of the fabric. Make these straps long enough to wrap around the roll bar where the support brace meets the vertical post and have enough to insert through the buckle.

Securing the Front Edge.

Purchase a front windshield top channel. This is a piece of aluminum with a groove facing to the front of the Jeep. Sew a thin piece of plastic strip into the front edge of the fabric facing to the rear. The edge of this plastic strip will fit into the top channel and retain the top. When the rear straps are tightened the strip should fit tightly into the channel.

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