How to Find a Government Car Auction

by Contributor

Car auctions are always being held, and if you're looking to purchase a car at an auction held by government officials, I want to show you step by step on how it's done.

Every state works in a different way. You will first want to call up your local police station, and ask where you can get a hold of government seized property. Every city is different, so they will be able to guide you to the right place.

Search for the vehicle online in a government database. Again, every city, and state has their own procedure, and many have websites, where you can browse the cars, before you even head on down to the auction.

When you find a car that you like online, you will want to scope out the "viewing period." This is when you can go down to the auction, and view the car in person to see if it's something you like.

Take notes, and prepare for the auction process. You will want to note when the auction is taking place. Head on down to the auction when it's time.

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