How to Go to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

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The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally started in 1938 in Sturgis, South Dakota. It consists of events, races, vendors, concerts, contests and more. Each year millions of people travel to Sturgis the first week following the first full weekend in August for the biggest and best rally in the country.

Buy, rent, or borrow a motorcycle. The Sturgis rally is not held to one particular kind of bike, so you can ride Harleys, Hondas or any other type.

Reserve accommodations for the rally week. Lodging fills up fast, so make plans for your campsite or hotel as far in advance as possible to make sure you have a place to stay. You can always cancel your reservations if something comes up.

Plan travel methods to get you to the rally. If you live nearby, ride your motorcycle and enjoy the scenic journey. If you live further, you'll need to tow your bike or have it shipped. If you have it shipped, you can take a flight or train to the rally. Reservations fill up quickly, so make plans as soon as possible. Visit the Sturgis Rally website to see future dates of the rallies to help plan your itinerary.

Familiarize yourself with the South Dakota motorcycle laws, since laws vary by state.

Research the event schedule and plan for what you most want to do. If you want to race, make sure to block off time in your schedule so that you don't miss your event. If you are more interested in the vendors, you can be more laid-back in your itinerary.

Pack for all weather conditions. The average temperature for the rally is usually around 85 degrees, with cool nights. But be prepared for rain, storms, wind, and excessive heat as well.

Ride the Black Hills when you get to Sturgis. Although it's not a specific event in the rally, it's probably the most memorable part of it. You won't be alone if you ride during the rally week. Bikers enjoy the scenery, the roads and curves, and Mt. Rushmore.

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