How to Get a Personalized License Plate in New Jersey

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New Jersey's official governmental website provides drivers with a high-tech means of ordering personalized license plates. Simply log on and follow step-by-step screens to order your new personalized license plates. You can even add a new design on it to brighten it up!

Log on to

Click on "Transportation and Motor Vehicles," "Motor Vehicle Commission," "Vehicles" and "Order Personalized Plates."

Register for a MyMC user account number.

Get your User ID and password in the mail.

Visit the "Order Personalized Plates" website on again.

Initiate the screen by clicking "Get Started."

Enter your User ID, driver's license number and the last 4 digits of your social security number for verification purposes. Click "Continue."

Read over the Terms and Conditions of ordering personalized license plates online. When you have finished and understand the terms and conditions, click "Continue."

Verify that you are the current owner of the vehicle. Enter your car's current license plate number. Click "Continue."

Choose a new background design for your plate. Click "Continue."

Provide the alphanumeric character combination for your personalized license plate. Follow the rules on the screen for your personalized license plate message and click "Continue" when done.

Review the way your new, personalized license plate message and design looks. If you are satisfied with the plate, click "Order Plate." If you want to make changes, click "Change Plate."

Give your billing information, including credit card number, the billing address, the shipping address and email address. Press "Continue" to submit your personalized license plate order.

Confirm your order. Print the screen for your records.

Receive your personalized license plates in the mail. Use immediately upon receipt.


  • close Personalized plates for leased vehicles cannot be ordered through the Internet. To request personalized plates for leased vehicles, contact New Jersey's MVC Special Plate Unit.

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