How to Get a Personalized License Plate in Minnesota

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Obtaining personalized license plates in Minnesota is a piece of cake. Just visit Minnesota's governmental website and use the state's handy, official multifunctional application to request personalized license plates. Show off your personality, interests or catchphrase in no time!

Log on to

Click on "Health and Safety," "Minnesota Department of Public Safety," "Driver and Vehicle Services," "License Plates" and "Personalized License Plates."

Download an application for personalized license plates by clicking on "Application for Special Plates."

Print the application.

Read the instructions on the application. Pay special attention to the rules and regulations regarding personalized license plates.

Indicate that you are requesting personalized license plates for your vehicle in Section A.

Check "new" in Section B.

Determine if your vehicle is eligible for 1 or 2 plates. Check the box next to the number of plates for which your vehicle is eligible.

Provide your vehicle's information in Section D. Include its vehicle identification number, its current plate number, current sticker number and its expiration date.

Write your name, driver's license number, date of birth and address. Total your fees.

Make a check payable to Driver and Vehicle Services Division.

List 3 choices for your personalized license plate message. Rank them in order of preference.

Explain the meanings of your personalized license plates. You must provide explanations of your personalized license plate messages so that the department can make a determination on their appropriateness.

Skip to Section O. Sign your application.

Mail your completed application and check to Driver and Vehicle Services, 445 Minnesota Street Suite 164, St. Paul, MN 55101.

Receive your personalized license plates and use immediately.


  • close Registration of your personalized license plates must be renewed in order to keep them.
  • close Personalized license plate messages that are lewd, offensive or misleading will not be approved by the department.

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