Fuel Filter Cross Reference Guide

by Jeff Woodward
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Automotive filters come in a variety of brands. Major automotive manufacturers have a preference to which brand filter they use when the vehicles are built; some use a house brand. Using a filter cross reference will save the vehicle owner time and money in finding a replacement.

Filter Manufacturers

Popular filter manufacturers include Donaldson, Fram and Fleetguard. The filters are similar in design and shape in addition to internal media paper. Filter companies often use the same part numbers, either re-arranged or in a different configuration.

Filter Cross Reference

Many filters are interchangeable between manufacturers. By accessing a manufacturer's website you will most likely come across a page that says interchange or cross-reference.

Shapes and Sizes

Though using a filter cross reference will help you find a filter from a different manufacturer, in some cases the replacement filter will be slightly different in size due to patent rights or manufacturer upgrades.

Cross Reference Books

Cross-reference information is found online through manufacturer's websites.

Auto and Truck Parts Stores

All auto and truck parts stores can interchange a filter number for a customer; most will have reference books handy for customers. Provide a sample filter to a counterperson or reference by make and model of a vehicle. Many stores carry aftermarket and private label filters at lower cost than name-brand filters.

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