How to Decode a Mopar Part Number

by Blaze Johnson

Mopar dates back to the 1930s. The Mopar name represents the “motors and parts” division of the Chrysler Corporation that creates original manufacturer parts for the auto giant and its brands Dodge, Plymouth, Jeep and others. During the 1960s, Mopar decided to take a more active role in providing high-performance parts for many Chrysler-made vehicle brands and makes in order to compete with successful aftermarket suppliers. Thanks to the Internet and car dealerships that sell Mopar products, decoding part numbers is an easy task.

Step 1

Thoroughly clean the part that you wish to identify. You must be able to read the Mopar part number in order to reference it properly. Write the part number on a piece of paper. You may also need to write your vehicle's VIN number, located on the lower driver’s side portion of the dashboard. The number is visible through the windshield.

Step 2

Utilize online databases to decode Mopar parts. These online resources allow you to quickly determine the part’s application fitment and inform you of any updated designs associated with the part application if you are searching for replacement products (See Resources for a list of Mopar part lookup databases).

Step 3

Call your local Chrysler dealership and provide the parts department with your part number. The parts department will have access to technical data relating to the part, as well as cost figures associated with it.

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