How Do I Identify a Chevy ECM?

by Diana Prince

The Electronic Control Module -- or ECM, as it is more commonly referred to -- is a built-in computer in a vehicle that works by monitoring the associated components. Typically located underneath of the coolant reservoir, the engine ECM in a Chevy vehicle monitors emissions, fuel levels and temperatures in the vehicle. Identifying car parts can be difficult, as auto parts numbering systems are often quite complex and most parts are compatible with only specific makes and model of vehicle. To identify an ECM part, read the marking and decode it.

Step 1

Locate the serial number on the car part. It should be either imprinted directly onto the metal of the part itself or on a sticker on the side of the part. ECM serial numbers are typically between nine and 10 digits long.

Step 2

Visit the Parts & Accessories page of the General Motors website (see Resources). General Motors -- or GM, as it is more commonly referred to -- manufactures all Chevy vehicles.

Step 3

Enter the serial number of the part into the search box to produce information on the part in question, including the assembly plant location and manufacturing date.

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