Ford F150 Triton Engine Ignition Problems

by Horacio Garcia

The Triton engine installed on the Ford F-150 has experience reports of ignition problems. The ignition system in the F-150 can include the battery, battery cables, starter, solenoid, distributor and spark plugs with accessories. The biggest ignition concern in the Triton engine is a problem with the spark plugs being ejected from the socket on the engine, and technical service bulletins (TSBs) published by the manufacturer describe other difficulties.

Spark Plug Ejection

The Ford F-150 was the subject of a major investigation involving reports that the spark plugs in the Triton engine can mysteriously eject from the threaded socket holes. According to, Ford Motor Co. insists the Triton engine does not have a design defect and the cause of the spark plug ejection problems is improper torquing of the spark plug. This ignition problem creates a hazardous situation because once the spark plug ejects from the engine, gasoline vapors can escape the cylinder start a fire. The F-150 owner can visit the dealership and have the Triton engine repaired, or purchase a kit to fix the spark plug socket hole on the engine.

Plug Coil

The coil which controls the voltage going to the spark plugs can cause the Triton engine on the Ford F-150 to misfire or not start. The coil is part of the distributor system, which sends voltage into each spark plug on a timed basis to fire the cylinders. The coil can fail when too much voltage builds up, causing it to burn out. Ford published a TSB concerning this ignition problem on the Triton engine. The Ford F-150 owner should take the truck to a qualified technician or the dealership once the Triton engine begins to misfire to have the coil replaced before the engine cannot be started.

Battery Problems

Another TSB involving the Ford F-150 Triton engine concerns ignition problems caused when the battery has been drained of voltage. The TSB explains that a wiring problem on the Triton engine causes some engine accessories to remain on when the key is not in the ignition switch. The accessories slowly drain voltage out of the battery, which prevents the Triton engine from starting. A wiring harness needs to be replaced or repaired to fix this ignition problem.

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