Ford Focus Sunroof Problems

by Horacio Garcia
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Since the introduction of the Ford Focus in 2000, this small- to medium-size vehicle has been a top seller for the Ford Motor Company. No major problems or complaints have been made about the Focus, with the exception of the brake rotors, and no major recalls have been made on the Focus. Some Ford Focus owners have complained about the sunroof.

Wind Flap Problems

The Ford Focus has a wind flap on some of the vehicles that cover the front portion of the sunroof. This wind flap snaps into place, but has been blown loose at high speeds for some Ford Focus owners. Most owners have snapped this wind flap on the sunroof back into place only to have it blown loose again. An owner needs to address this problem with the dealership and have the dealership correct the problem to ensure it is corrected properly.

Sunroof Switch

The sunroof on the Ford Focus has a switch that opens and closes the sunroof on the vehicle. Some sunroof switches have been failing for no particular reason. The manufacturer's owners manual has published the steps to re-program the sunroof switch when it becomes a problem, but owners have found that this re-programming corrects the problem only temporarily. No recall has been issued on the Ford Focus for this switch problem, but some owners have changed the switch, which has corrected the problem. If your Ford Focus is still under warranty, then the owner needs to have the vehicle taken back into the dealership when this sunroof problem arises.

Sunroof Leaking

The Ford Focus has developed a leak around the seal of the vehicle in some cases. This leaking problem has been attributed to the sunroof drain reservoirs becoming clogged with debris, preventing the water from draining from around the seal. When this sunroof leaking problem develops in the Ford Focus, the owner can correct it by cleaning around the seal of the sunroof and unplugging the drain reservoir. This leaking problems has not been a major problem for most Ford Focus owners.

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