Chevrolet Lumina Transmission Problems

by Horacio Garcia
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Andres Balcazar/Photodisc/Getty Images reports 47 technical service bulletins published by Chevrolet concerning different Lumina problems, including transmission problems. The TSBs list Lumina transmission problems concerning rough shifting, transmission noise and the clutch burning out.

Transmission Leak

The Chevrolet Lumina has one TSB published by the manufacturer about a transmission leak. The leak lowers the transmission fluid level, which causes the Lumina to jerk during shifting, hesitate during start-up and even move when placed into drive. The transmission leak potentially comes from several different locations on the transmission--the seals around the drive-shaft, the gasket on the drain pan and the drain plug on the transmission. No specific reason is given on why these locations are leaking transmission fluid, but the Lumina owner can see visible signs of the transmission leak by fluid being left on the driveway or pavement. Once this transmission problem occurs, the Lumina owner must take the vehicle into a qualified technician and have the gaskets, seals or drain plug replaced.

Harsh Shifting reports a TSB on the Chevrolet Lumina concerning harsh shifting of the transmission when the operator puts the vehicle into reverse or drive. This transmission problem is primarily occurring on Luminas driven in cold environments and those that have not had time for the transmission to warmup. The type of transmission fluid used in the Lumina is the reason given for this problem. You need to take the Lumina into the dealership and have the transmission inspected to determine if the transmission fluid needs to be changed to a different grade.

Gear Delay

The manufacturer has published another TSB on the Chevrolet Lumina concerning the transmission delaying when shifted into drive or forward gear. The forward is working intermittently or not working at all when the Lumina is shifted into drive because of linkage problems. The TSB published on also reports that the transmission is locking up when shifted into reverse. The transmission linkage is the component that tells the transmission what gear the operator is shifting into and transmits that information into the transmission. This linkage is wearing out prematurely for no apparent reason. When this transmission problem occurs, the Lumina owners needs to have the linkage replaced.

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