Ford Focus Side Mirror Removal

by Jody L. Campbell
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Removing a side-view mirror on a Ford Focus is a simple project. Many people, perhaps, would be surprised how easy it is. If you're replacing the mirror, you may be able to find an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) aftermarket replacement for less than you would pay at a Ford dealership. Whether it's a powered or manual mirror, the replacement procedure is simple.

Remove the Mirror

Open the window on the door of the Ford Focus you're removing the side mirror from. This will give you more room to work. If it's a powered window, be sure to turn the ignition key off and remove it from the ignition. This will prevent an accidental electrical short when disconnecting the wire harness from the mirror. With a small, angled trim tool, gently pry the inner side-view mirror sail located at the front of the door. This is the black, plastic trim covering the interior side of the mirror. The control module for a powered mirror is inside of the sail. A wire harness will be connected to the control module. Disconnect this wire harness from the inside of the sail. Another wire harness connects to the mirror itself. This harness is inside the door panel but close to the mirror. Pull the wire harness up through the access hole and disconnect it. Remove the center mounting bolt to the mirror assembly. Use a ratchet with a deep socket. Next, move to the outside of the door. Another retaining clip on the mirror assembly is in the front of the sail of the mirror. Use the trim tool again, but place a cloth underneath the angled head of the tool. This will prevent you from scratching the paint on the window trim. Be ready to catch the mirror so it doesn't fall and scratch the paint on the door. Gently pry the mirror off the door panel. There is a rubber gasket beneath the mirror and it tends to stick to the door and the mirror. Be careful not to damage the gasket if you're replacing the mirror. Some aftermarket mirrors will not come equipped with a new gasket, and you'll have to remove it from the old one and use it on the new one.

Install the New Mirror

Installing the mirror is simply the reverse of removing it. Be sure to reconnect the wire harness properly and test it when the mirror is reinstalled.

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