Flowmaster Exhaust Benefits

by David Benton

Some people are drawn to the lung-rattling sound of a performance engine, which Flowmaster designs its exhaust products to create. However, many are surprised to learn that Flowmaster technology has resulted from founder Ray Flugger's attempt to quiet engine sounds to avoid losing racing privileges on California racetracks in the early 1980s. The result was the first in a line of benefits derived from Flugger's ambition.

Acceleration and Sound

A Flowmaster exhaust system's biggest benefit is acceleration. You can achieve certain sound levels depending on the type of system. If you want your engine to sound like a gang of angry gorillas trying to escape, or if you prefer a quieter, more even sound, Flowmaster has an exhaust system for both extremes as well as various levels in between. Flowmaster designs its exhausts to reconfigure a vehicle's current exhaust system. The company engages in extensive research and development, and it claims to have a system for any type of car.

Cooler Engine Temperature

All vehicles, from a compact car to a four-wheel drive truck, have specifically designed exhaust systems. Flowmaster exhaust system designs take this fact into account. Flowmaster builds its exhaust systems from aluminized steel, which provides corrosion resistance and strength. Flowmaster's mandrel-bent pipes (pipes with a specifically placed bend created by a die used to mold hollow steel) help lessen restriction and allow better air flow.

Passing Power

The ability to pass other vehicles easily goes along with acceleration. Most stock sport cars can easily pass a sedan or hybrid vehicle on the road, but a Flowmaster exhaust provides a vehicle with a longer amount of passing power. A Flowmaster exhaust attached to a family sedan would add the capability of similar acceleration and passing performance to those of a sports car.


Car enthusiasts can have a Flowmaster exhaust system professionally installed or do the job themselves. The Flowmaster exhaust kit comes with the complete hardware and instruction book for those who love do-it-yourself projects.

Proven History

Flowmaster exhaust kits have proved reliable since their inception in 1983. The company's research and design facility allows it to track full engine cycles and obtain the the most exact information needed to create specially designed exhausts systems for every vehicle on the market.

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