How to Get a Florida Rebuilt Title

by Hunkar Ozyasar
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Like most states, Florida issues "Rebuilt Titles" for vehicles that were previously in heavy accidents, were repaired and can now be legally operated. To obtain a rebuilt title, you must submit additional documentation that is not required when obtaining a regular title. This includes photographs of the vehicle in its damaged state, receipts for all major parts that were changed and a specific DMV form. This process ensures that illegal parts do not end up in vehicles on the road, and that cars and trucks which were heavily damaged are not driven until they are completely safe to operate.

Step 1

Submit completed forms to the DMV compliance examiner. Visit your local Florida DMV office and submit to the compliance examiner: proof of ownership; form HSMV 82040 (application for certificate of title); form HSMV 84490 (statement of builder); original bills of sale or receipts with the name, address, and signature of the seller for all major component parts; Florida sales tax; and photographs of the vehicle in its wrecked condition.

The proof of ownership includes the title of the vehicle issued by the Florida DMV or the department of motor vehicle of another state accompanied by a bill of sale. Bills of sale for any major replaced parts must be included with your application.

Step 2

Receive approved documents in a sealed envelope. After you submit the necessary documents, the examiner will inspect them and place the following in a sealed envelope: the original form HSMV 82040; the original form HSMV 84490; and photocopies of bills of sale/receipts for major parts which were replaced. Make sure that the envelope is sealed, as you will not be provided with a license plate if the envelope's seal is missing or broken.

Step 3

Submit the sealed envelope to the tax collector's office or license plate agency. When you submit the sealed envelope to the tax collector or license plate agency, personnel will verify that the bills of sale submitted to them are the same number as those indicated on the form HSMV 84490. Once this procedure has been completed, you can transfer an existing license plate or purchase a new one. Your title will be sent by mail.

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