How to Get a Florida DOT Inspection

by Andrew Todd
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The Florida Department of Transportation (DOT) performs inspections at various weigh stations located throughout the state. According to Sergeant Stevens of the Florida Department of Transportation, most of the weigh stations are located along the major Florida highways, such as Interstates 4, 10, 75 and 95. These inspections, which must be conducted by a DOT officer, check for compliance in a variety of vehicle components such as brakes, lights, emergency equipment and declared load. Weigh stations are manned 24 hours a day, but are closed on all government holidays.

Step 1

Locate a weigh station close to you on the Florida Department of Transportation's Weigh Station map.

Step 2

Drive the vehicle to be inspected to the weigh station.

Step 3

Pull into the weigh station and park in a parking spot.

Step 4

Go inside the weigh station and request an inspection from the DOT officer on duty. The DOT officer will inspect your vehicle and inform you of any elements that are not up to compliance. If items are found to not be in compliance, the officer will provide you with the details of the non-compliant item and will provide you with a grace period to have the items brought to compliance. Once the items are fixed, you must return to a weigh station to verify that the items are now in compliance. Once the vehicle passes inspection, you will be provided with a certificate of compliance.

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