Fleetwood Southwind Specifications

by Charles Roe

Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. has been in business since the 1950s. As of 2010, it is one of the largest manufactured home and recreational vehicle producers in the world. Its RV models span price ranges from under $3,000 to well over $200,000 for the top-of-the-line brands. Starting at $128,000, Fleetwood's Southwind line is one of the company's top sellers and most popular RVs.


Fleetwood builds the Southwind with its patented Vacu-bond construction technology. It uses metal framing that is ceiling-to-sidewall and floor-to-sidewall interlocked and then vacuum-bonded together to provide the tightest fit possible for all frame parts. This design helps to keep the typical RV moving noise to a minimum and allows a tighter, more weather-resistant outer and inner shell.

Chassis and Engine

The Southwind has a 362-horsepower Ford chassis with a 6.8-liter Triton V10 engine. It is powerful enough to get you up any winter mountain pass while towing an extra local travel vehicle behind. Its chassis is steel and aluminum, and weighs approximately 22,000 lbs. Fleetwood's Power Platform chassis design gives the RV necessary internal and external strength and a solid center of gravity, and provides considerable storage capacity with its polyurethane-lined containers.


The Southwind comes in four different external graphic designs: Antique Frost, Cinnamon Vapor, Satin Steel and Winter Frost. Its interior design options include Brown Sugar and Chestnut Honey accented with Chestnut Raven or Chocolate Bisque woven cloth decor.

Interior Features

The Southwind's standard interior equipment includes dual furnaces; a 7-foot interior height so you don't have to duck while walking around; integrated TuffPEX plumbing system; dual roof A/C with environmentally friendly solar panels to help lower your energy costs; low-energy halogen lighting system; LCD high-definition TVs in all four major rooms; standard energy-saving appliances; and a full DVD home theater system in the living room with speakers wired throughout the interior.

Exterior Features

Designed for relaxation and convenience, the exterior of the Southwind comes with all the necessary equipment for outdoor, fully covered picnics and parties, including a patio awning and pull-out tube front grill near the awning. Exterior halogen lights surround the Southwind and are easily covered and uncovered depending on your needs. All the storage compartments are also well-lit to help you find whatever equipment you're looking for, even at night. A trailer hitch with seven-pin electric hookup is standard.


Fleetwood provides an extensive list of extra options for this RV. Highlights include an auto-locating satellite dish; free-standing dinette with credenza; front-loading washer and dryer unit; and bunk beds or a king-sized bed.

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