How to Fix the Window in a 2001 Ford Mustang

by Don Bowman

The 2001 Ford Mustang uses a scissors type window regulator without a helper spring. The window motors can be individually replaced. The window regulator is secured to the door frame with the use of large rivets, requiring a special large rivet tool to install. The extraction of the rivets requires the use of a drill to drill out the center of the rivet and a chisel and hammer to break the remaining portion of the rivet off.


Remove the two Phillips screws in the armrest and the screw that secures the plastic cover just forward of the inside door handle.


Place the common screwdriver between the door panel and the doorframe. Move the screwdriver up and down until it contacts one of the trim fasteners. Pry the fastener out of the door frame. Continue this process on all three sides of the door panel. Lift the door panel vertically to unhook the top ledge and pull the door panel away from the door frame enough to disconnect all the electrical connectors from the window and door lock switches. Disconnect the electrical connectors and door lock switches. Remove the door panel.


Peel the plastic moisture shield away from the door to gain access to the window motor and regulator. Unplug the power window motor electrical connector.


Drill the center of the rivets securing the window regulator. Using the chisel and hammer, knock the remainder of the rivets out. Push the common screwdriver downward between the window sill at the top of the door and the window, thereby wedging the window so it can't fall as the regulator is removed.


Remove the two 10mm bolts in the window to regulator support, using a 10mm socket and ratchet. Remove the window regulator through the access hole in the door frame.


Remove the window motor from the regulator by removing the three 10mm bolts securing the motor to the regulator. Replace the motor to the regulator in reverse order of removal and the same goes for the rest of the parts. Use the large rivets to secure the regulator to the door frame.

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