How to Fix a Volvo Switchblade Key

by Neal Litherland

Most modern cars come with a key fob that allows you to electronically unlock your car from a distance. Volvo key fobs also have a physical key hidden inside like a switchblade knife. The key is released with the press of a button, and you can open the car manually with the key. However, sometimes there's a problem inside the mechanism, and when that happens you need to open up your Volvo key fob to see why the manual key won't come out.

Remove the torque bolt that holds together the switchblade key and the electronic portion of the key.

Cut the switchblade key apart at the seam. Use a fine saw, such as a razor saw, a jeweler's saw or a fine hacksaw. Once the seam around the key is cut, pry it apart with your fingers and a screwdriver. Be firm but gentle so as not to crack the plastic.

Examine the internal components, including the tabs on either side of the base of the key and the spring that allows the key to flip out. Pull out any broken pieces and replace them with spares from another key. The spring mechanism sits in the slot in the bulky part of the key, and the tabs screw onto the central node that holds the key in place.

Press the two halves of the key together. Line up the tabs in the key and press the two halves so they click as a whole. Test the key while holding the halves together to be sure the switchblade mechanism works after the repair.

Place a thin seam of strong glue along the seam of the two halves and then press them firmly together again. JB Weld is a strong, quick drying glue that works well for this purpose. Once the glue is dry and you're sure the key still works, replace the torque screw to reattach the switchblade to the electronic portion of the key.

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