How to Fix a Power Seat Track in a Ford Mustang

by Allen Moore

The Ford Mustang has been offered with power seats since the 1968 model year. And since then, owners and mechanics have been faced with malfunctioning seat motors, binding seat tracks and other issues that arise as the power seats begin to break down with age, as well as daily wear and tear. The power seat track assembly is no longer available in individual pieces, so should something malfunction in the system, the entire assembly must be replaced.


Open the door and reach down below the seat to access and unbolt the seat from the floor of the Mustang using the socket set. It should be anchored to the floor with four bolts, one below each corner of the seat bottom. The seat may need to be moved forward or backward to access the bolts easier. However, if the seat will not move, try using a box wrench to reach the bolts, if at all possible.


Unclip the wiring harness connector from the seat motor or motors using the pocket screwdriver to retract the clips in the harness connector. The wiring harness will be protruding upward from a hole in the carpet under the seat. It will then route along a seat leg and to the seat motor or motors, depending on the style of seat.


Route the seat belt out of the shoulder seat belt guide, located on the shoulder portion of the seat back, if this particular Mustang is so equipped, by slipping it through the opening at the top of the guide.


Pull the seat assembly out of the car and then turn it so you can access the underside and set it down. It is best to place the seat somewhere that the seat cover will not become damaged or dirty, so have a place in mind to put it before you pull the seat out of the car.


Unbolt the seat track assembly from the seat bottom, using the socket set and box wrench as needed, depending on the year and model. Set the old seat track aside when done.


Bolt on the new seat track in the opposite manner of how the old one was removed. Move the seat back into the Mustang, bolt the seat back into place and reconnect the wiring harness, again in the opposite manner of how it was removed.

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