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How to Fix Power Seats in a Dodge Ram

by Contributor

Some drivers of 1998 and 1999 Dodge Ram trucks have noticed that the power seat track vertical adjustment motors become stuck in a full upward or downward position. This can make driving uncomfortable but is easily remedied using the following procedure.

Step 1

Order lubricant for your power seat track, Part Number 0501714AA.

Step 2

Make sure that the rear and front vertical track seat adjusters work by testing them out. It's likely that either the rear or front vertical track seat adjuster is stuck.

Step 3

Identify which vertical track seat adjuster is not working. Unscrew the bolts under the seat that connect the seat's frame to the mounting brackets. Lift and set aside the cushion but don't disconnect the wire harness.

Step 4

Find the affected vertical track seat adjuster. Pick up the outboard end of the motor about ΒΌ inch. Wait until you hear a pop. This pop signals that you have remedied the stuck condition. Change the location of the seat adjuster by using the adjustment switch.

Step 5

Wipe excess, old lubricant from the lead screws found on the front and rear seat tracks. Switch the motor on and off in both directions and keep wiping so that you get all of the lubricant.

Step 6

Apply a thing coating of your new lubricant to the lead screws so the fore and aft drive nut is coated. Move the seat adjuster with the switch so that the lubricant can evenly distribute. Clean off any excess lubricant from surrounding areas.

Replace the seat cushion. Reinstall the bolts into the mounting brackets and tighten them to 25 Nm or 18 foot pounds.

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