How to Fix a Dent in a Truck Tailgate

by Elizabeth Grace
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Dents are expensive to repair, and your truck tailgate is especially susceptible to them. Before you take your truck in for an expensive appointment at your local auto body repair shop, try this simple paintless dent repair trick at home. It only takes five minutes and will not damage your truck's paint job. Best of all, it will only cost you the price of an air duster, easily purchased at your local office supply store.

Step 1

Plug your hair dryer in an outlet so that the hair dryer reaches the dent. Set a pair of heavy gloves and the air duster within easy reach of your work area.

Step 2

Aim the hair dryer at the dent on your truck tailgate so that the hair dryer is almost touching the dent. Turn the hair dryer on to its "high" setting and let it run for one minute. Turn the hair dryer off.

Step 3

Put on your heavy gloves as quickly as possible and pick up the air duster, holding it upside down. Depress the button on the air duster to spray the dent on your truck tailgate thoroughly with liquid carbon dioxide.

Step 4

Wait 30 seconds while the temperature difference in the dent that you heated with the hair dryer and sprayed with the liquid carbon dioxide causes the dent to pop out of your truck tailgate.

Step 5

Wipe off your truck tailgate with a damp cloth.

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