How to Fix a DC Car Plug Adapter

by Ashton Daigle

The DC plug adapter, or cigarette lighter socket, on your car or truck is an invaluable accessory to have. The plug adapter in your vehicle is powered by a fuse. Because the plug adapter is used for so much in this day and age, it is not uncommon for the adapter fuse to blow out on occasion. Most vehicles typically have two fuse boxes, one an accessory fuse box inside your vehicle; the other, a main fuse panel underneath the hood. The cigarette lighter fuse is usually (but not always) located in the fuse panel inside your vehicle. If need be, consult your owner's manual to determine the exact location of your DC adapter fuse, as it will vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Open the hood of your car or truck and remove its negative battery cable to prevent electrical shorts while you work on the fuse.

Locate the lighter fuse in your vehicle. It you do not have an owner's manual and you do not know where it is, you may have to open both fuse boxes on your vehicle. The interior fuse box will be located on the lower dash either on the left side of the steering wheel or near the bottom of your glove box on the passenger side. The main fuse panel will be under your hood, located right near the battery. If you pry off the fuse box cover and look at the inside, there will be a fuse diagram there. Use this diagram to track the fuse for your lighter or DC adapter.

Remove the fuse with a plastic fuse puller or by hand if you can get a grip on it. Slide the new fuse in its place and then put the fuse box lid back on.

Put your car or truck's negative battery cable back on and tighten it securely.

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