How to Fix the Clutch in a Nissan Frontier

by Ken Hamilton
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The clutch is one of the most important parts of any vehicle, letting you shift gears and adjust your speed. When your Nissan Frontier's clutch is working properly, you get the most control out your truck especially while you are driving out in the open roads. All clutches, however, will need replacement at one point or the other. Once your Nissan starts to screech and grind each time you use the clutch, you need to either replace a defective part in your clutch system, or replace the entire clutch system with a clutch kit.

Step 1

Lift the truck. Use a hydraulic jack to life the truck. If your truck has a front wheel drive system, lift the front wheels. If your truck has a rear wheel drive system, lift the rear wheels. Support the weight of the truck with a jack stand.

Step 2

Remove the axle. Unscrew the bolts that keep the driveshaft to the differential with a wrench. Once the bolts are removed, you can slip the driveshaft from the universal joint in the differential. Make sure that the wire caps on the universal joint and the driveshaft do not hit the ground, because impact can damage the sensitive pieces. Place a pan underneath the transmission tail housing to protect your floor from dripping transmission fluid.

Step 3

Unwire the harnesses. Unscrew the housing on the transmission and remove any wires that keep the transmission harnessed. Mark all of the wires so that you know where to connect them after you are done fixing the clutch. Also remove the starter which is connected by a wire to the transmission.

Step 4

Support the engine. Place a jack stand under the engine, so that you will be able to take the transmission mount out of the cross member. Once the cross member is free, you can remove the bolts around the transmission bell housing. This will allow you to pull the transmission from the rest of the engine. Do this until the pressure plate is revealed from under the input shifts.

Step 5

Remove the transmission. Unscrew the bolts that keep the flywheel attached to the pressure plate and then remove the transmission fully. Make sure that the flywheel is not damaged, otherwise it needs to be replaced. Also be sure to wipe the crankshaft flange clean.

Step 6

Replace the clutch. Attach the new pressure plate onto the flywheel. Once attached, you can insert the clutch disc and then tighten using the appropriate amount of torque indicated in the packaging of the clutch replacement kit that you bought. Add a bit of grease on the bearings so that you can add the release bearing to the clutch disc.

Step 7

Put parts back in place. Insert the transmission back into place, until the shaft from the transmission enters the hole in the clutch disc. Install the bell housing again using bolts, and then gently lower the truck back onto the ground.

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