How to Fix a Squeaky Clutch Pedal

by Jeremiah Blanchard

Due to the complex construction of all automobiles, problems are bound to arise from time to time requiring maintenance. Some fixes are minor and require little work. One problem that fits this category is a squeaky clutch pedal, which can usually be fixed with a bit of lubrication. But in order to get rid of the squeak you'll have to find its source, which may take the help of a buddy.

Step 1

Apply your emergency brake and put your vehicle in neutral.

Step 2

Open the hood. Have a friend stand near the engine and focus on the clutch area. Start the engine and depress the clutch to pinpoint the source of the squeak.

Step 3

Apply WD-40 or lithium grease to the joints and bushings of the clutch. Depress the pedal a few times and listen carefully. If the squeak is still present, then you have more than a simple lubrication job on your hands.

Step 4

Replace the pilot bearing or bushing and the release bearing if lubrication doesn't eliminate the squeak. All vehicles will require different disassembling related to these repairs. Consult an auto repair shop to troubleshoot the squeaking, or take your vehicle to the dealer if it's still under warranty.

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