How to Fix a Car Without a Mechanic

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Have you been having problems with your car? When car problems occur, it can be painful to pay a mechanic. If you don't have the knowledge to repair your car, here are some ways to get it running smooth without paying a mechanic to do it.

Find a friend or family member who knows how to repair cars even if only minor repairs are needed, such as an oil change. Chances are they can at least tell you what is wrong. They are definitely cheaper than a mechanic.

Check into your significant other's family and friends if no friends or family can help.

Go to your local auto parts store if you are still having problems. Sometimes they will tell you if something minor is wrong. Sometimes, they will even fill up fluids, show you where they go and only charge for the fluids.

Have the worker at the store test your parts for you and tell you what you need to replace. If they aren't very busy, sometimes you can get them to go out to your car and install smaller parts for you or show you how to do it yourself. This will depend on the person. It is not their policy to repair your car for you.

Buy manuals, borrow them from the library,or go online to look up how to fix parts when you know what the problem is.

Go online and ask a mechanic's advice about what might be wrong if you don't know what the problem is. They will usually charge you for this advice. But if you are mechanically inclined, at least you don't have to pay for labor, only parts and advice. Some Web sites even offer free help.


  • close If you let an auto parts store employee fill or fix anything, make sure you know beforehand what they will charge.
  • close Make sure that anyone who works on your car is willing to cover your expenses if they break something. This will usually mean they know what they are doing. Try to get that in writing if possible.
  • close If you have to buy parts and install them yourself, check at a salvage yard first. They usually have cheaper parts. Make sure they have a guarantee. If they don't have a guarantee, make sure you don't buy any parts with holes where they shouldn't be. Anything that needs a seal or belt should be bought elsewhere as seals and belts will usually fall apart with age.

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