How to Fix a Car Alarm

by Charles Pearson

Car alarms are great deterrents to would-be thieves. But blaring car alarms are a common nuisance in parking lots. Not only are they annoying when accidentally set off, but many car companies manufacture keyless entry buttons that set off the alarm whenever any button is pressed. Fortunately, this problem can easily be fixed.

Pull apart the keyless entry button. You can do this by inserting your fingernail into the cracks on the sides of the key fob (the box with the buttons on it). Pull the fob apart.

Find the circular carbon discs that are opposite the buttons.

Adjust the circular carbon discs until they are positioned exactly beneath the button that is supposed to be pressed.

Carefully push both ends of the key fob closed until they snap together.

Try pressing the button to see if it works.


  • check You might be able to shut off the alarm itself, but then your car alarm will not go off if someone tries to break into your car.

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