How to : Fix Your Car For Free

by braniac

You won't hear this news/report from anyone, most of all.....your car dealer. It's called: SECRET WARRANTIES. Read on and get the "full scoop."

Don't just shell out money to get your car fixed. Thanks to "secret warranties' nobody's telling you about, you might be entitled to free auto repairs. Here's how it works. Secret warranties are a response to a common problem in certain kinds of automobiles, trucks, and other types of vehicles.

Example: Maybe the brakes are shoddy or the paint peels in certain models. The car manufacturer agrees to fix the problem for free...BUT... doesn't tell the public. The automakers will profit from this strategy, because, most times the consumer (you/us) gets stuck with the bill.... play detective. At any given time, there are at least 500 secret warranties out there. The tricky part is finding them.

ONly four states have laws requiring automakers to tell you about these warranties. Your best bet is to look for technical service bulletins (TSB) that deal with the model and year of your vehicle. These TSB's are available to the public. Just ask your car dealer for copies. They are required to give them to you.

Other sources of help include: Center for Auto Safety; National Highway Traffic Safety Admin, the Federal Trade Commission. You'll also find info and stories about these secret warranties in trade magazines that deal with vehicle defects.


  • check Remember: These warranties are secret, so they're not going to be called "secret warranties."
  • check Look for other names like: Goodwill adjustments or something similar.
  • check You'll be able to find enough evidence to show your dealer that you actually know a "secret warranty" exists.

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