How to Find Rebates and Incentives on New Cars

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Save yourself some serious money on that new car by learning about rebates and incentives and then use them when you negotiate.

Watch the newspaper for ads featuring rebates on certain models.

Search the Internet regularly to keep up on current rebates and incentives.

Ask the salesman at the dealership if there are any.

Make sure you get a written guarantee that the rebate or incentive will still be good when your vehicle arrives if you're ordering from the manufacturer. Rebates and incentives do have expiration dates.

Ask the sales manager if the sales representatives says there isn't an incentive on your particular car. Sometimes sales representatives aren't told about them.

Be aware that incentives and rebates aren't always available nationwide. Sometimes certain geographical regions are excluded if a car is already selling well there.

Wait a week or so if the manufacturer isn't offering a rebate on your car. Rebates are always going on and chances are pretty good that you'll be able to take advantage of one if you're patient.


  • check Remember that everything is negotiable. If you aren't satisfied, you don't have to buy from a particular dealer. The sales representative knows this; he wants you to forget it.

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