How to Fill a Compressed Natural Gas Tank

by C.K. Wren

Driving a natural gas vehicle (NGV) requires preparation because there are few filling stations. They also take practice because filling a natural gas tank is different than filling a gasoline tank. These steps will give you an idea of what to expect when you fill up the first time.

Check the pressure level on the gauge usually located on the side of the pump station. The higher the pressure, the faster your tank will fill and the more you will be able to fit in your tank at a time. Many natural gas pumps do not accept credit cards. It may take you extra time to go pay inside the station. Keep this in mind as you plan how much time to have to "gas and go"

Remove the fueling nozzle from the dispenser. Depending on the station, the nozzle may lift right out or may have a safety latch to keep it from falling out. Never try to force it out of the nozzle holder.

Connect the nozzle to the vehicle. An audible "click" will tell you it is connected securely.

On the pump station, move the dispenser lever to the "on" position.

Slowly turn the filler valve on the nozzle end counter clockwise. You may hear a high pitched whistle as the gas enters the tank. This is normal.

When you are finished filling, move the dispenser lever back to the "off" position and turn the filler valve to the "vent" position.

Return the fueling nozzle to dispenser and attach securely. Firmly reattach the cap on the tank..


  • check There are many online resources that can help you locate natural gas stations are in each state. Pressure at natural gas filling stations can vary. Sometimes the stations are out of order. When possible, check ahead before going out of your way to a filling station to make sure they are operational.


  • close As with any form of gas, it is dangerous to smoke or have an open flame while you are filling a natural gas tank.

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