How to Fight a Speeding in a School Zone Ticket

by Jen Davis
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Getting a traffic ticket in a school zone is no one's idea of a pleasant or fun experience, especially if you believe the ticket was issued improperly. Fighting a traffic ticket may be the only way to keep from paying fines, having your insurance rates increased and points added to your driver's license motor vehicle record. It may be possible to fight the ticket and reduce the fines.

Step 1

Examine your ticket and take note of the court date, the date and time you received your ticket as well as the precise location and your alleged speed.

Step 2

Go back to the location where you were issued your speeding ticket. Get a school time and school zone schedule from the school. Determine if school was, in fact, in session during the time when you received your ticket. School zones are only school zones during certain times of the day when children are present. If your ticket occured outside these designated times, you may be able to successfully fight the ticket.

Step 3

Locate all school zone markers. Make sure school zone is marked properly and easily identified as such. Take pictures of all markers, especially those that may have been obscured at the time your ticket was issued. Make sure your vehicle was in fact inside the school zone when your speed was clocked. If school zone was not clearly marked, you may be able to use it to fight the ticket.

Step 4

Determine what the speed limit is when the area is not considered a school zone (outside designated school zone times). You will have a better chance of fighting the ticket if your speed is still inside the regular speed limit, even if you did violate the school zone speed limit.

Step 5

Hire an attorney to appear with you at the court date and present the evidence you have gathered.

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