How to File for a Deer Collision With Progressive

by William McCoy
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Running into a deer can cause serious damage to your vehicle. Depending on your speed, the angle of collision and the size of the animal, your vehicle can end up with a minor dent or damage that makes it inoperable. If you have vehicle insurance through Progressive, you can contact the insurance company to file a deer collision claim and get the damage repaired.

Step 1

Call the phone number for your local Progressive insurance office. If you deal with a local representative, you may have the agent's business card with your proof of insurance card. If you hit the deer after hours and the nearest office is closed, call 800-PROGRESSIVE, which has agents available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Step 2

Explain the situation to the agent. The agent will ask you several questions that are required for your accident/insurance report. Answer each question honestly. You must identify the accident location, where you were going, the time of the incident, the direction from which the deer approached, whether you consumed alcohol prior to the incident and your approximate rate of speed at impact. The agent will also ask whether you contacted the police and if your vehicle required a tow. A deer collision will not raise your insurance rate, but you will be required to pay your deductible to have the vehicle repaired.

Step 3

Choose a nearby repair shop approved by Progressive. The agent can give you a list of approved repair locations.

Step 4

Take photos of the damage for your records. With insurance claims, it is wise to have photos of the damage in the event of a problem with the repair.

Step 5

Take your vehicle, either by driving it or having it towed, to the approved repair shop. The shop manager will give you an approximate amount of time for the repair. Depending on your insurance plan, Progressive may book a rental vehicle for you while your car is being repaired.

Step 6

Return to the shop when the work is done and inspect it to ensure the damage has been repaired thoroughly. If there are any problems with the work, contact your Progressive agent and explain the situation.

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