How to Get a Duplicate Key for an Infiniti

by Maria Martin

Having a duplicate car key is important for every driver. If you lose your key or lock it inside of your car, an extra key will save you lots of time, stress and money. Infiniti cars use a programmable key with special codes, making it impossible to simply make a copy from a metal key at a hardware store. Blank programmable keys can be made by an Infiniti dealer or an auto locksmith. Getting a duplicate Infiniti key won't take long once you find the right place.

Purchase a blank key specifically for your car type through a dealership or an online specialty shop, such as iKeyless, CarandTruckRemotes or AutoTransponder.

Make an appointment with an auto locksmith who works on transponder keys specifically or go to an Infiniti dealership to get the key programmed.

Bring your proof of ownership and VIN number. This can be found on your car's registration or on insurance documents. The key will be programmed according to the specific code, which will enable the key to work with your Infiniti.

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