How to Drive in a Roundabout

by braniac

Roundabouts they seem to be the new popular choice for the Department of Transportation. In the past year my community has at least 8 newly completed Roundabouts.

I despise Roundabouts for many reasons. The main one is I lost my business while they closed the road I was located on during the construction process. The second reason is that no one knows how to drive in them.

The main reason Roundabouts are so popular now is the fact that there are less fatal accidents, it does not mean that there are less accidents there just are not as many fatal accidents.

Save yourself and other fellow drives learn to properly drive in a Roundabout. Once you get the hang of the Roundabouts it can almost be fun. You can go around and around and around and around as many times as you like.

Follow the signs Some Roundabouts are only one lane some are two. Pay close attention to the picture of the Roundabout before entering so that you are in the correct lane.

Don't Stop All Roundabouts are a yield only. If there is a car in the Roundabout already you must yield. The Vehicle in the Roundabout has the right of way. If there is no car in the Roundabout you do not have to stop you can just go. My aggravation is that most cars will stop every time before entering the roundabout. Typically the inside lane has the option to go straight of continue around the Roundabout you can not turn right in this lane. The outer lane has the option to go straight or turn right it is not an option to continue around the Roundabout.

Stay in your lane You should not change lanes in a Roundabout it is not safe. This is hard to do especially for large trucks and RVS. My advise is don't be even with one of these vehicles they might accidentally push you to the curb.


  • check Practice Driving them at night if navigating a Roundabout scares you.
  • check The more you drive them the more comfortable you will become.

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