How to Drive a John Deere Gator Four Wheeler

by K.K. Lowell

The John Deere Gator four-wheeler is a versatile machine that performs equally well on a job site, in a backyard or on a hunting trip. With its short dump bed, it can haul materials to remote sites or camping gear and a canoe to a remote pond. Equipped with an electric start, automatic clutch and full suspension, a John Deere Gator is easy to drive.

Step 1

Sit comfortably in the driver's seat and fasten the seat belt.

Step 2

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Note the shift lever, traction lock and parking brake, all of which are located between the seats.

Step 3

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Pull and hold the choke, which is located near the gas fill on the left, under the driver's seat.

Step 4

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Turn the ignition key clockwise to crank the engine.

Step 5

Release the key and the choke as soon as the engine starts. It may be necessary to press down slightly on the accelerator pedal to bring the engine up to a higher speed until the engine is warmed up.

Step 6

Allow the engine to return to idle speed, then move the shift lever down to engage forward gear while stepping on the brake pedal.

Step 7

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Release the parking brake by pulling up slightly and pushing the lock button on the top of the lever. Move the lever down completely to ensure the parking brake is totally released.

Step 8

Remove your foot from the brake pedal and begin to step down on the accelerator pedal. The machine will start to move forward. Continue pressing the accelerator pedal to accelerate to your desired speed. Stop the machine by releasing the accelerator pedal and stepping on the brake pedal.

Step 9

To back up, allow the engine to slow to idle speed. Move the shift lever up to neutral and then up to the reverse position. Speed up, slow down and stop using the accelerator pedal and brake as you did to go forward.

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