How to Drive a Car

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Some people think that learning to drive a car is the ultimate experience. However, you must consider many things before learning. Responsibility comes with driving a car. because you have many lives in your hands. You're not only putting your own life at risk but also anyone who's in the car with you plus everyone who's on the road. So be sure to learn how to drive a car correctly.

Find someone responsible to teach you. Many teenagers get drivers' education in school. Even if you think you know everything there is to know about driving a car, take the class. It can only improve your driving and help your insurance rates.

Put the key into the ignition to start the car. The best car to learn on is an automatic, but later you may want to try a standard transmission. Get the basics down before you learn to drive a stick.

Shift the car to drive or reverse depending on the position of the car. If you are in a driveway, you need to put the car into reverse so you can back it out of the drive. If you are on the street, you put it into drive to go forward.

Check to see if there is any traffic before moving the car--keep your foot on the brake while checking. Use your side and rear mirrors to check that there isn't any traffic around before going forward.

Turn your indicator on so that the traffic around you knows you are pulling out or making a turn. Move your foot from the brake to the gas pedal and apply a little pressure. You don't want to take off too quickly. Steadily apply pressure to the gas pedal to pick up your speed once you are in traffic.

Obey the traffic laws as you drive--stop at red lights and stop signs, yield to traffic when you need to and obey the speed limit. Make sure you observe the traffic around you, be prepared to stop at any time--you never know what the car in front of you might do.

Park the car. Be sure to put the gearshift into park and turn off the ignition.


  • check Be sure to get your driver's permit before you start driving, and only drive with a licensed driver until you get your license.
  • check There are many things to remember, but soon it will come naturally.

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