How do I Check the VIN Numbers for a 1965 Mustang?

by Si Kingston
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The vehicle identification number, or VIN, on a 1965 Ford Mustang is a unique symbol formed of letters and numbers that is stamped or stuck onto a vehicle. The numbers and letters that make up a VIN on a 1965 Ford Mustang represent very specific details about the car including when and where it was made and the body style. The first symbol in a VIN for a 1965 Mustang should be a "5," which represents the year the vehicle was produced, a letter (A-Z) is next and it represents the assembly plant (e.g., "S" represents the Pilot Plant), the next two digits represent the body code (e.g., "07" equals hardtop and "09" represents two-door fastback), the engine code follows and is represented by a letter and the last six digits represent the production sequence.

Step 1

Look through the front windshield and onto the dashboard. The VIN number will be located on the left side of the dash.

Step 2

Locate the driver's side, front fender apron. The VIN is stamped on the upper-top flange.

Step 3

Open the driver's door and locate the lock face on the driver's door. The VIN will be printed on a sticker on the lock face.

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