How do I Find the Value of a 1988 Car?

by Chris Stevenson

The definition of a used car includes new cars that have been driven off the dealer lot and onto the street for the first time. A vehicle manufactured in 1988 qualifies as a used car. Many factors are taken into consideration when estimating the value of used vehicles: charts and detailed listings from reputable sources can provide all the answers you need to discover the true value of your used vehicle

Muscle, Classic and Stock Used Car Defintions

Certain make and model cars lend themselves well to modification and ups the value.

Search out directories of used cars that cover "classic" and "muscle" car definitions. Define the exact make, model and year of your car before beginning the search. Determine if your car is a "classic" which has "stock" and original parts. Decide if your vehicle qualifies as a high-performance "muscle car, which have larger engines and racy designs. The library can be a good source of information. It typically has books on specific makes, years and models.


Find a popular muscle car website that has archived articles and photos pertaining to the latest collector trends and muscle car values. "American Muscle Car" (see "References") contains detailed listings of sought-after high-performance vehicles that list optimum values. Once you locate the year and model of your car, write down the engine specifications and aftermarket packages of the others that are listed. Compare them with your list.

Classic cars rely more on make and model popularity.

Find the popular classic car guides on-line. Classic cars can be determined by style, comfort, popularity, reliability and aesthetics appeal. Simply type in "Classic Car Guides" or a similar term. You'll find information boxes that require you to list the date, make, and model of your vehicle. This will direct you to another link that has listings of your vehicle. The Kelley Blue Book has the largest and most complete classic car guide available (see "References").


Determine if your vehicle does not meet the requirements of a muscle or classic car. If it does not you have a typical stock used car. The Kelly Blue Book furnishes the standard used car guide for all used vehicles.

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