How to Do Tricks on a Motorcycle

by Sandi Stritch

If you want to pull off some tricks and stunts on a motorcycle, there are a few things you need to consider. Get familiar with riding. Your own skill level and comfort zone will determine what tricks you try and how far you take them. Here are some basic tips for motorcycle tricks.

The Wheelie

Step 1

Start off moving slowly in a controlled manner. Roll on the throttle in a low gear from 1/4 throttle to full in about a second. Don't try to lift up on the handlebars, but rather use the power at the wheel to lift the front end. If the front end doesn't come up, stop and try again, this time with a little faster roll on. Even the heavy cruisers can get the front end up with enough power.

Step 2

Once the front end is up, use the throttle to control how high you take it. More throttle to get the wheel up higher, less to bring it down.

Step 3

With the front wheel straight, gently roll off the throttle to set it down. Never use the brakes to put the front end down.

The Endo, aka the Stoppie

Step 1

Start out moving forward at a decent rate of speed, about 20 mph, in an absolutely straight direction.

Step 2

Lean slightly forward, grip the tank with your knees and grab a handful of front brake. Don't grab it all at once, but do it quickly. If your rear wheel does not raise up off the ground, try again a little faster.

Step 3

Once the rear wheel is up off the ground, the name of the game is brake control. Squeeze harder to go higher, less to make it go down. Use your knees on the tank to control the rear end of the bike and keep it from fishtailing, though at excessive speeds, this can prove near impossible, so start slowly.

Street Skiing

Step 1

Get your bike moving fast, perhaps 40 mph or more in a straight line. Make sure that you can take your hands off the handlebars without the bike steering itself. This means you can't do this trick on a crowded road. It also helps to have a grab rail on your bike.

Step 2

Scoot yourself back as far as you can in the seat and put the bike in a high enough gear that it won't jerk forward when you let off the throttle.

Step 3

In one motion, take your hands off the bars and place them between your legs on the seat. Hop off the back of the bike. Make sure your feet land at the same time, and slightly forward of your hands. Be ready to hold on tight.

Step 4

You can now move your body back. Just remember to keep your feet ahead of your body, creating a balance point. Your shoes will create a drag and you'll need to compensate with how tight you hold on, how far you lean back, and how much abdominal control you have.

Step 5

To get back on the bike, pull yourself up close to the rear end, lean forward, and let your feet kick out from under you so you are laying on your belly up on the back section of the bike. Pull yourself forward from there until you are able to put your feet back on the pegs and your hands on the bars.

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