How Do I Replace the Flasher on an Infiniti I30?

by Marion Cobretti

Damage to the flasher relay on your Infiniti I30 most often occurs from an electrical short. This can happen if water enters the front or rear taillight assemblies. The turn signals may stop working altogether. In other instances, the turn signals may just stay on constantly or blink rapidly when either signal is engaged. Replacing the flasher relay on your I30 doesn’t require a trip to the local auto repair shop. You can do the repair yourself right at home in 20 minutes or less, using a few tools.


Raise the hood on your I30. Remove the negative battery cable from its post with a socket wrench. Lay the cable down and away from the battery within the engine compartment.


Open the driver’s door. Locate the fuse box just beneath the dashboard, in line with the steering column. Look for two small, black square relays on the right side of the fuse box. Both will have a wiring harness plugged into the bottom of them. The relay closest to the fuse box is the power window relay. The relay right next to that one is the flasher relay.


Cut the zip tie holding the flasher relay in place with a pair of wire cutter pliers. In some cases, the relay may be held in place by a plastic push-pin on the back of it. If so, stick the head of the wire cutters in between the relay and the metal tab that the push-pin is inserted into. Cut the push-pin with the wire cutters and lower the flasher relay.


Pull the wiring harness plug off the bottom of the flasher relay. Grasp the plug when you remove the harness. Do not pull on the wires themselves to disconnect the plug. Discard the old flasher relay.


Plug the flasher relay’s wiring harness into the new relay. Lift the new flasher relay back into its original mounting position. Place a zip tie around the metal tab where the old relay mounted and the body of the new relay. Tighten the zip tie around the relay to secure it in place.


Connect the negative battery cable back to its post and secure its bolt in place with your socket wrench. Turn the ignition key forward to power up the accessories and check the functionality of the turn signals.


  • check If the turn signals still don’t work, check the fuse in the fuse box. One or more of the bulbs may be blown as well and require replacement. The I30 also has a relay that operates the taillights as well as the cornering lights. Both of the relays mount under the hood in the power distribution center. In the row of relays closest to the passenger tire, they are the second (taillights) and third (cornering lights) relays down. Remove either of the relays with a pair of relay puller pliers.

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