How Do I Know If a Recall Was Fixed on My Car?

by Mel Marie
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Having a manufacturer defect on your vehicle is never pleasant. If you have just purchased your used vehicle and are not aware of any recalls, it can be even more frustrating. There is an easy way to track down if your vehicle has any recalls that need to be completed.

How Do I Know If a Recall Was Fixed on My Car?

Step 1

Ensure your vehicle was recalled. Do some research to determine if your vehicle had a recall issued. Try or the Carfax Recall Check (see Resources).

Step 2

Locate and write down your Vehicle identification number. The VIN number is considered the DNA of your vehicle. It is found on your registration card as well as your insurance card. It is also usually on the inside dashboard, at the driver's side, viewable through the windshield.

Step 3

Search for an authorized automotive dealership. Look in your local phone book or online for a dealership associated with your vehicle manufacturer.

Step 4

Address your concerns to the dealership. Call the authorized dealership and let them know you are interested in finding out if your vehicle has been recalled.

Step 5

Provide them with the VIN. Once they pull up the VIN they will determine if your vehicle was in fact involved in a recall and if the recall had been performed.

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